Van Gogh Village Museum wins audience award for Best Building in the Netherlands

Architectural firm Diederendirrix has won the audience award for Best Building in the Netherlands of the BNA Architecture Prize with the Van Gogh Village Museum. The jury praised the building's contemporary design that is simultaneously faithful to its unique history and surroundings. As client and user, the Van Gogh Sites Foundation and the Van Gogh Village Museum are enormously honored by the award and consider it a justifiable architectural tribute to one of the world's greatest artists.

Even when nominated, the jury wrote in praise of the museum expansion: "For the expansion of the Van Gogh Village Museum in Nuenen, Diederendirrix looked more than ever at the context. The layered design refers in many ways to the life and work of 'peasant painter' van Gogh in his Brabant period." In describing the new building, BNA emphasizes "The new Van Gogh Village Museum conforms to the style of the painter, but also to that of the village. The design is a carefully researched, contemporary interpretation of history. The clearing next to the current museum was once home to small farms. Old motifs recur in a new variation in the entrance, which opens the building with a graceful arch to the village, with the presbytery and Villa Nune Ville across the street."

Fantastic news

Jeroen Veldkamp, board member of the Van Gogh Village Nuenen Foundation, together with Rob Meurders of Diederendirrix, proudly accepted the award during the festive ceremony 'BNA Best Building of the Year 2024' at De Bunkertoren in Eindhoven. "This is also fantastic news for our 200 volunteers and all those involved in Nuenen and the surrounding area who are committed to the preservation and value of our Van Gogh heritage. It underlines our ambitions as a foundation. Much respect and all praise to architect Rob Meurders and the team of Diederendirrix led by our director Simone van der Heiden," said Jeroen Veldkamp.

Frank van den Eijnden, director of the Van Gogh Sites Foundation, was already proud of the new building: "We notice that this beautiful architecture has not only improved the quality of the streetscape, but has also increased the appeal of the museum. We also see this in our visitor numbers and the positive reviews we receive. Thanks to the contributions and trust of, among others, the Province of North Brabant, the Municipality of Nuenen, ASML, Brabant C and the many financiers and certificate holders, we have been able to build something beautiful here. This building is the result of a broad Brabant collaboration, with Van Gogh as its inspiration."

The award-winning building was opened by Queen Maxima in May 2023 and is considered one of the pearls of cultural tourism in Brabant. The expansion of the museum is part of Van Gogh Sites Foundation's approach to preserving Van Gogh Monuments and passing them on to new generations. Bureau Diederendirrix is distinguished by designs that are logical, meaningful and carefully become part of the environment. Their architecture and urban planning solutions stand for change and individual(wise) interpretation and leave room for interpretation by the resident, user, visitor or passer-by.