Green carpet for Van Gogh National Park i.o.

A more beautiful Brabant inspired by Van Gogh

On March 30, the birthday of Vincent van Gogh, the Van Gogh National Park i.o. was launched in Brabant. After a festive, official launching moment for Van Gogh NP i.o., Cornald Maas presented Salon Van Gogh. He discussed with his table guests the meaning of Vincent van Gogh as a compass for the landscape of the future. Van Gogh Sites Foundation, as a proud partner, is closely involved in the development of Van Gogh NP i.o. The entire program was broadcast live.

Looking back at Salon Van Gogh 2021

Van Gogh Sites Foundation and Van Gogh National Park i.o. organized a talk show on March 30, led by Cornald Maas. Adriaan Geuze imagined it all: "In 5 years time we should be able to walk from every village and town straight into nature".

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50 partners sign on to Van Gogh National Park

The official launching ceremony of Van Gogh NP i.o. took place at Out Herlaer. Out Herlaer is also being realized there by Brabants Landschap and Het Noordbrabants Museum. Ina Adema and Yvo Kortmann symbolically opened the door to Van Gogh NP i.o. and the partners concluded their multi-year collaboration with a joint message. This marked the unique character of the Brabant movement Van Gogh NP i.o. , a testing ground without fences that starts at the front door of all Brabanders in the area. The integrated approach is aimed at strengthening top nature and developing valuable, vital landscape with greenery right into the heart of villages and towns.

Van Gogh NP in development begins March 30
  • Van Gogh NP in development begins March 30

The Brabant approach: unexpected connections and innovative solutions

Commissioner of the King Adema, during the opening ceremony, expressed her appreciation for the fact that the Brabant partners, based on their substantive expertise, are connecting with innovation, art and design, thus contributing to an attractive business climate, sustainable tourism and perspective for agriculture. "The Van Gogh National Park is an idiosyncratic, very Brabant, bringing together art and culture in a landscape where it is possible to literally follow in Vincent's footsteps. Finding a balance between economic interests, nature and landscape. Just a bit different than usual, seeking opportunities and innovation."

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Principal partners and funds of Van Gogh Brabant: