The Van Gogh Sites Foundation is not only an ANBI foundation, but has also been formally designated by the tax authorities as a Cultural ANBI (ANBI stands for Institution for General Benefit). A gift to a cultural ANBI offers additional tax benefits: you can deduct your gift in your income tax or corporate tax return. Thanks to the 2012 Giving Act, you may even deduct more than you actually donate. These tax benefits depend on the personal situation of the donating party. The conditions are also different for a private person and/or company (NV or BV).

ANBI status

The Van Gogh Sites Foundation is looking for support from individuals, businesses and other stakeholders to pass on the cultural legacy to future generations. The foundation depends on donations and gifts to achieve its goal. Any form of support is of value. Van Gogh Sites Foundation has the status of ANBI cultural. This makes supporting the foundation extra attractive.

Notes to ANBI Cultural