Fine NFT's Van Gogh Monuments

Unique NFTs for heritage conservation

Van Gogh Sites Foundation offers unique NFTs. NFT stands for Non Fungible Token. An NFT is a certificate that allows the purchaser to become the owner of a unique digital object, thereby also supporting the Van Gogh heritage.

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Special tree leaf as digital object

The NFTs are associated with the Brabant Van Gogh Monuments. They raise awareness of the heritage in Asia and provide a new source of funding for preserving the monuments. The developers have created unique digital content at a selection of Van Gogh Monuments based on a tree leaf of the site. The leaf represents Vincent's native soil and is a sign of his short artistic life and the influences of nature that would stay with him throughout his career.

Digital and 3D printing

NFTs are often used for digital art. The object's digital code is stored in a blockchain and the NFT is traded. The NFTs are an initiative of, Van Gogh Brabant and Tomas Concept + Creation. The special feature of this NFT is that the tree leaf is digitized and then sold in a limited edition as a 3D printed version. A small documentary of the entire creation process is being made for each location. Scroll down for the video testimonials on this page.


Cultural exchange with Asia

Conceived by Emily Cheung, CEO of, the Fine NFT grew out of a Chinese-European cultural program aimed at acquaintance and exchange. The Fine NFT reaches a young Asian audience for whom European cultural heritage normally remains outside the focus area. (Hong Kong) developed 'Fine NFT's Van Gogh Monuments' together with Tomas Concept + Creation ('s-Hertogenbosch) and the Van Gogh Sites Foundation (Oisterwijk). Watch the making-of video.

the making of
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Fine NFTs are offered on, powered by Emily Cheung. With the purchase, the buyer becomes a certificate holder of a share of the Van Gogh Sites NV, which invests in Van Gogh heritage in Brabant.The NFTs are released in different editions, ranging in price from amounts around $750 USD to $10,000 USD. The deluxe edition combines the digital object with a 3D printed sheet in a special presentation.
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View the brochure released by describing the first six Fine NFTs here.

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Frank van den Eijnden, Van Gogh Site Foundation director, stands by the picturesque Van Gogh church in Nuenen where Vincent's father was pastor. Watch the video with his story about the site in relation to the NFT.

Frank van den Eijnden
  • Frank van den Eijnden

Tomas Snels, creative director at Tomas Concept & Creation talks about NFT's concept development in this video from his office. He managed to acquire technology and craft with the character of Vincent van Gogh and the Van Gogh Monuments in Brabant.