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Article emotion survey results

In early December 2018, research was conducted at the Van Gogh Village Museum in Nuenen on the effect of storytelling on visitor experience. The results are briefly summarized below. A more comprehensive report has been published in the Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research.

The results of the study will be incorporated into planning for the renewed experiences of the Van Gogh heritage sites.

Importance of emotions for perception

Emotions are an important element within tourism 'experiences' (perceptions/experiences). They can lead to certain outcomes, such as, for example, the intention to 'recommend' the visit or activity to others (family, friends). However, existing research models cannot explain how the flux ('ebb and flow' movement) of emotions during an 'experience' relates to such outcomes.

Examination via skin conductance

We analyzed the "experiences" of 15 participants during their visit to the Van Gogh Village Museum in Nuenen and during a guided tour of the village. Both the museum and the tour had Vincent van Gogh as their theme. We mapped the emotions of the participants over a longer period of time by measuring them directly on the body with so-called skin conductance measuring equipment.

Building up intensity

We found wide variation in the intensity of the emotions measured throughout the visit ('ebb and flow'), as well as variation in the extent to which participants thought they would experience the activity to others. The 'experiences' that led to the strongest intention to recommend the 'experience' to others were found to consist not of a constant peak of strong emotions, but of both strong and not so strong emotions, with the stronger emotions occurring mostly somewhere halfway through the 'experience'.

Van Gogh Development Centre

Van Gogh Brabant and the Centre of Expertise Leisure Tourism & Hospitality (CELTH) are going to invest together in the Van Gogh Development Centre, which will develop and implement innovative cultural tourism applications around Van Gogh in Brabant. CELTH, with the three Universities of Applied Sciences NHTV, HZ and Stenden, will act as a sparring partner, knowledge supplier and developer for Van Gogh Sites Foundation on topics such as storytelling, concept development and management and exploitation issues of the Van Gogh Monuments.

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