Salon Van Gogh 2023

Van Gogh Sites Foundation, Van Gogh National Park and the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund North Brabant annually celebrate the birthday of Vincent van Gogh with this cultural networking event for stakeholders from Brabant's business, government, cultural and nature sectors.

On March 30, Van Gogh Sites Foundation, Van Gogh National Park and Prince Bernhard Culture Fund North Brabant organized Salon Van Gogh in collaboration with partners ASML and Rabobank. A rendezvous with Van Gogh where culture and nature meet. The annual networking event for business and management.

Vincent van Gogh's birthday was celebrated with an inspiring program at a special location: Oud-Herlaer estate.

Edition 2023: color and light

Salon Van Gogh focuses on a different current and relevant theme each edition. On March 30, 2023, color and light in the landscape and in the work of Vincent van Gogh took center stage. The day's program consisted of the Van Gogh lecture by Charlotte Caspers, atmospheric musical accompaniment by Artvark Saxophone Quartet and a literary interlude by Sholeh Rezazadeh.

Initiators Salon Van Gogh 2023

The Prince Bernhard Culture Fund brings people, worlds and ideas together to bring culture and nature to life. Thanks to our contributions, funds and prizes, new cultural initiatives arise and cultural heritage is preserved. We do this with donors and makers, enthusiasts and experts, inventors and protectors. And with contributions from the Friends Lottery, Dutch Lottery and all our donors.

The Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund North Brabant is one of twelve provincial departments. We initiate small and large cultural projects in the province and help realize and cherish projects - by amateurs and professionals. Each of these are special initiatives of high quality. Ranging from art to wild roadside flora, from exhibitions to pop festivals, from photography to writers' residencies and from poetry to podcasts. We do this by raising money, supporting cultural organizations and creators, and sharing information about the projects. Donating to the Cultural Fund provides security: we make sure your gift always ends up where it is needed.

The Van Gogh Sites Foundation is committed to the preservation and development of the Van Gogh heritage. The Foundation aims to increase the social and economic significance of the heritage through exhibitions, educational programs in and around the Van Gogh Monuments. The focus is on the life story of the painter and its relevance for current and future generations.

The Van Gogh Sites Foundation is the organization behind the Van Gogh locations, Van Gogh Sites NV and Van Gogh Brabant. Certificates of shares in the capital of the Van Gogh Sites NV offer the opportunity for private and public investors, such as companies, associations, institutions and individuals to become co-owners of a unique piece of Van Gogh heritage. This makes the preservation and management of this heritage possible, both now and in the future. The foundation has the status of an institution for general public advancement (ANBI). Donors to cultural ANBIs are eligible for an extra gift deduction.

Van Gogh NP is a National Park new style, just a little different than you might think at first glance. It is a broad movement in which Brabant governments, social organizations and businesses work with volunteers and residents to strengthen nature, landscape and biodiversity, linked to the social issues of our time.

In Van Gogh NP we are building the landscape of the future together, inspired by the guts and imagination of Vincent Van Gogh - who grew up here. With a shared ambition, as partners we give the contemporary answer to the question of how nature and landscape can be strengthened in the middle of an urban region with 1.5 million inhabitants, with greenery right into the heart of the cities and villages and beautiful, healthy and vital farmland in an economically powerful region. Good for nature, residents, entrepreneurs and for the business climate in this second largest economy of the Netherlands.

Outside Museum Herlaer

The North Brabant Museum and Brabants Landschap have started a unique project: Buiten Museum Herlaer: the further development of a special landscape located just outside the city of 's-Hertogenbosch. A landscape where art and nature make a new connection. Art and nature reinforce each other's story, instead of one being the backdrop for the other. It is a completely new experience for visitors: art and nature are actively connected and reciprocally influence each other's perception. An experience as the Netherlands does not yet have. An experience that makes art and nature lovers look with different eyes. In the coming years, Oud Herlaer will be restored and this landscape will gradually come into being.