Quality Label

The Van Gogh Quality Label marks van Gogh products and services that contribute to the preservation of heritage in Brabant. This label guarantees the quality of a "Vincent van Gogh" product. It ensures that the maker is more than averagely concerned about the quality of the product itself and strives to have a minimal negative impact on the environment and nature during its production.

The label was conceived and developed in Brabant - with a focus on craftsmanship and artisanship. It uses the work of Vincent van Gogh in a thoughtful way to tell the story of Van Gogh. And with a share of the proceeds, the maker contributes to preserving and sharing the cultural legacy of Vincent van Gogh in Brabant, now, in the future and in the distant future.

Unique Van Gogh shoes

The Vincent van Gogh Shoes are an idea of designer Tomas Snels who knocked on the door of Maarten van Drunen of Van Drunen Schoenfabriek (producer of the brands Durea and Gijs) and Van Gogh Brabant. There are more creations based on Van Gogh's paintings, but the exceptional quality, craftsmanship and collaboration make this product special. In 2016, Van Drunen Schoenen also made shoes inspired by the work of Hieronymus Bosch in collaboration with fashion designer Addy van den Krommenacker. Maarten van Drunen expects that the Vincent van Gogh shoes will get a lot of spin-off internationally. In addition to the men's shoe, a women's model and a sneaker have now also been developed.

Vincent Van Gogh Shoes

Vincent Van Gogh Giant Aero Road Bike

The Vincent Van Gogh Aero Road Bike is a unique product from designer Tomas Snels, Ted and Jim Cranen of United Colors and Giant. One of the riders of this beautiful bike with Van Gogh's sunflower motif is former world champion and winner of the Giro d'Italia Tom Dumoulin,

Full Trailer Tom Dumoulin
  • Full Trailer Tom Dumoulin

Van Gogh coloring and drawing book

The Vincent van Gogh coloring and drawing book is full of hand-drawn prints in which Saskia van Oversteeg was inspired by Vincent van Gogh's work, life and letters. Especially from his Brabant period, details from still lifes, buildings, trees, flowers and people are drawn. She drew whole prints, but left out parts of some of them, put dotted lines or numbers. By drawing lines from dot to dot and from number to number, you can mark off the print yourself and then color it. In this way you can make your own Van Gogh!


Van Gogh cycling route

The Van Gogh cycle route created in collaboration with Routes in Brabant also deserves the Quality Label. The route consists of 435 km of cycling pleasure, divided into ten unique rounds or loops. You can enjoy the varied landscapes of Brabant and visit places that shaped Van Gogh. The route can be found on 5 route maps. Together with an overview map of the entire route, the 5 maps are also offered in an attractive Gift Box.

Van Gogh cycling route
Cycling route
  • Cycling route