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The Van Gogh Sites Foundation is looking for support from individuals, companies and other stakeholders in order to be able to pass on the cultural legacy to future generations. The foundation is dependent on donations and gifts in order to realize its goals. Every form of support is of value. Of course the foundation has the ANBI-status.

How can I contribute?
Van Gogh, St. Clemenskerk Gerwen, 1883-84 VGM Amsterdam

Registered funds

The Van Gogh Sites Foundation offers individuals, foundations and corporations the opportunity to establish a named fund or to incorporate existing funds and foundations as a named fund. In the case of these funds, the donor can formulate a purpose on which the return or capital will be spent.


If you have a special connection with Vincent van Gogh and Brabant and consider it important to be able to pass on his legacy to new generations, you might consider including our institution in your will. This will ensure that you continue to support the cause you hold dear during your lifetime. Our organisation has ANBI status and is therefore exempt from inheritance tax. In this way, your legacy will benefit the charity of your choice.

Your estate can be included in your will in the form of a bequest and/or testamentary disposition. This will has to be drawn up by a notary. If you wish, we can arrange this with you. It is important to share your testamentary wishes with your next of kin so that they are well informed and can respect them.

You have the option of attaching the estate to a specific purpose within our foundation and thereby also determining the name of the respective fund.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Become a co-owner

Depositary receipts for shares in the capital of the Van Gogh Sites NV offer the possibility for private and public investors to become co-owners of Van Gogh heritage. The purchase of a minimum of 1 certificate at €1 entitles the holder to 1 share in the capital of the limited company. A donation of €1000 is attached to each certificate.

How does that work?


View the investment plan of Van Gogh Sites NV

Here you can find the Van Gogh Sites NV registration form

The Van Gogh Sites Foundation (until 2016 trading under the statutory name Stichting Samenwerkingsverband Van Gogh in Brabant (Van Gogh Brabant Foundation) has ANBI status (RSIN: 819130448). View the 2017 annual financial report and 2018 annual financial report here.

View the notes to the Van Gogh Sites NV certificates.

This infographic shows how certificate issuance works