Van Gogh Sites N.V.

Vincent van Gogh: worldwide source of inspiration

Van Gogh Sites NV focuses on the acquisition, management, operation, development and rental of real estate properties of historical significance to the life and work of Vincent van Gogh. They continue to be a source of inspiration!

What is unique in Brabant is that we can show and experience the stories about Van Gogh, his letters and his paintings almost in one and the same place, and we want to preserve that!

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Van Gogh, Wheatfield with sheaves and a windmill, 1885, VGM Amsterdam

First phase real estate

We are currently working hard on Phase 1 of our project plan. In this phase every effort will be made to acquire the first three - and most famous - Van Gogh Monuments. These will then be expanded and furnished as Van Gogh centers of international significance. This will involve the Van Gogh Huis in Zundert, the Van Gogh Kerk in Etten-Leur and the Vincentre in Nuenen (the renovation has been completed and construction has started). The increase in scale and the strengthening of cultural content will boost the number of visitors and the international positioning of Brabant as Vincent's homeland!

Just like during the Van Gogh Year in 2015, but structurally.