Salon Van Gogh

Annual networking event

Every year on March 30, the birthday of Vincent van Gogh, the Salon Van Gogh brings together key players from Brabant's business, government, cultural and nature sectors. Organized by the Van Gogh Sites Foundation, Van Gogh National Park and the Culture Fund Brabant, this cultural networking event takes place at a special location where culture and nature meet.

Edition 2024

In2024,in addition to a new edition of Salon van Gogh, we welcome the "Year of the Sunflower," in which we celebrate the sunflower as a symbol of steadfast faith, optimism and love, just as Vincent van Gogh did. For Vincent, sunflowers had a deep meaning of beauty, comfort and positivity.

In the Year of the Sunflower, Brabant offers an extensive program full of exhibitions and activities in nature. A province-wide celebration!

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