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Van Gogh heritage in Brabant

The story of Vincent van Gogh is still tangibly present in Brabant. For many Van Gogh lovers around the world, this story is a source of inspiration. Not only his work, but also the places where Van Gogh worked and lived are attracting more and more visitors. The Van Gogh Sites Foundation is committed to preserving and developing this heritage. This way it can be passed on to future generations.

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Van Gogh Brabant seeks theos of today

With Van Gogh, Brabant has a world-class icon. His legacy attracts a growing number of visitors to Brabant from all over the world. Just as Vincent van Gogh needed financial support from his brother Theo in order to develop as a painter, Van Gogh Brabant now needs partners in order to preserve Vincent's legacy and expand its locations. In order to raise sufficient funds for this purpose, Van Gogh Brabant issues certificates.

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Van Gogh Brabant seeks theos of today
  • Van Gogh Brabant seeks theos of today


The Van Gogh Brabant invests in programs to strengthen the Van Gogh Monuments and the cultural Van Gogh heritage.


Van Gogh heritage sites

Van Gogh heritage sites have been set up in Zundert, Nuenen and Etten-Leur. Visitors can start their journey of discovery through the world of Van Gogh there. In Zundert, the focus is on his early years and his family. In Etten-Leur, visitors will witness the start of his career as an artist and his complex relationships. In Nuenen, visitors will discover the intense quest for color and form that led to the first masterpiece.

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